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Enamel on 3p1 rust with ZEBRA hammock effect People’s Wizard series

    • Coverage

      60-100 gr/м²

    • Drying time

      24 hours at +18-22 °С and 65% RH

    • Drying time

      24 months

    • Glossiness


    • Colour scale

      Stock-produced colours

    • Тhinner

      Xylene, Solvent

    • Containers


    • Type of works

      Interior, Exterior

    • Washing resistance



Value of the Product

  • Long Anti-Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent structure
  • Good lightfastness

Colour Range

Recommended Uses
Designed for exterior and interior use. Used for painting metal (except for galvanized surfaces, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel), wooden and other surfaces.

Application Guidelines

Surface preparation:

Enamel is applied on dry, cleaned of old coatings, dust and grease surfaces to the surface.
Before use, the surface must be degreased with solvents No. 646, No. 647.
Can be applied on rusty surfaces.
It is necessary to remove the cake and exfoliate the rust beforehand with a metal brush, sandpaper or abrasive nozzle.
Using a rust and primer converter is recommended, while not obligatory.

Method of application:

Mix thoroughly before applying.
In the presence of a surface film, it must be removed.
Apply enamel with bristle, roller with short nylon or spray.

Safety Precautions
During and after painting work, air the room thoroughly. To protect hands, use rubber gloves.

Keep and transport the enamel in a tightly closed original container, protecting against moisture and direct sunlight. Frost-resistant. Closed containers with remaining product shall be disposed of at designated recycling collection points. Keep away from fire.

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