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Enamel anticorrosive 3in1 serias Kolchuga ZEBRA

    • Coverage

      1 l per 7-8 m²

    • Drying time

      8 hours at +18-22 °С and 65% RH

    • Drying time

      24 months

    • Glossiness


    • Colour scale

      Stock-produced colours

    • Тhinner

      White spirit or solvent

    • Containers

      0,7kg, 2 кг

    • Type of works

      Interior, Exterior

    • Washing resistance



Value of the Product

  • Applies directly on the rust
  • Doesn’t need priming
  • Ideal for metal protection

Recommended Uses
To protect metal structures inside and outside the premises. It is possible to use for metal surfaces that have residual rust both without the use of primers and in combination with various types of primers for painting
Application Guidelines

Surface preparation:

  • Surface should be properly prepared before painting: old peeling paint-and-lacquer coatings and crumbly rust must be removed
  • The surface should be dry and free from grease and dust
  • While painting the wood the wood humidity must not be higher than 20%.
  • If necessary, dilute with an appropriate solvent to working viscosity
  • Apply a thick layer of the enamel with a brush, roller or by spraying

Safety Precautions
During and after painting work, air the room thoroughly. To protect hands, use rubber gloves.

Keep and transport the enamel in a tightly closed original container, protecting against moisture and direct sunlight. Frost-resistant. Closed containers with remaining product shall be disposed of at designated recycling collection points. Keep away from fire.

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