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Building glue KC-3 TM “Malva”

    • Drying time

      Bonding time – 24 hours; complete curing time- 72 hours

    • Coverage

      0,7-1,1 kg/м²

    • Type of works


    • Containers

      1,3 kg, 15 kg, 3 kg, 7 kg


Value of the product

  • Perfectly bonds parquet, supported linoleum, ceramic tile, wood;
  • Retains its properties after defrosting;
  • Non-flammable.

Recommended Uses
Used for bonding parquet and supported linoleum.
Sodium liquid glass, mineral filler and other additives.
Application Guidelines
Surface preparation:
The surfaces to be bonded should be dry, free of dust, grease, oil, old coatings, etc.
Application Guidelines:
Stir the glue before application. Apply the glue to one of the surfaces with a putty knife, then press tightly two surfaces together.
The glue layer of not more than 1 mm is recommended. Excessive glue after joining the surfaces must be removed with damp cloth within 30 minutes.
Safety Precautions
Keep away from children. If you are splashed in the eyes, flood them immediately with fresh water.
Keep and transport in a tightly closed original container at temperature +5 °С – +35 °С. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Protect from freezing! Closed containers with remaining product shall be disposed of at designated recycling collection points.

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