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Colouring-Concentrate TM “ZEBRA”

    • Coverage

      Depends on the desired shade of colour

    • Drying time

      36 months

    • Containers

      100 ml

    • Colour scale

      Stock-produced colours

    • Brands


    • Type of works

      Interior, Exterior


The value of the product

  • Bright, rich colours;
  • Tints materials for exterior and interior use;
  • Tints water paints, lime, cement grouts, PF enamels;
  • Frost-resistant.

The color palette

Recommended Uses
For tinting water-based lime, paints, enamels, lacquers, wood glazes, plasters and trowel finishes, oil and alkyd paints and enamels.

Dispersion of pigments of various colours with functional additives.

Method of application
Thoroughly stir the bottle with the paste before use. Mix the required amount of the paste with a small amount of paint. While stirring, gradually add the resulting mixture into the rest of the paint, mix thoroughly. Recommended dosage for oil and alkyd products is not more than 5%, for water-based products – not more than 10%.

Safety Precautions
Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If you are splashed in the eyes, flood them immediately with plenty of water. In case of contact with skin, wash off with water and soap.

Keep and transport in a tightly closed original container, at temperature -50°С-+50°С. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Closed containers with remaining product shall be disposed of at designated recycling collection points.

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